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Straw Bottle Tritan 220ml "Willow Green"

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Willow Green
Nordik Sky Blue
Grey Seal

The Mininor straw bottle has a no-spill straw, making it perfect for on the go and for preventing spills and messes.
As the name suggests, the cup is designed specifically to prevent spills. It has a heavy ball at the bottom of the soft silicone straw, so the cup can be used even upside down, because the gravity will move the ball to the liquid. The no-spill straw has a variable flow.
This means less worry about cleaning up spills or constantly replacing wet clothing.
The lid is easy to open even for the child. It has soft and flexible handles to make it comfortable for the baby to hold. The no spill straw cups allow children to drink on their own without needing assistance.
The straw bottle is made from the beautiful Tritan® material.

Rinse the straw soon after use and clean the other parts with liquid detergent and warm water.
All parts are dishwasher safe (top shelf).
All parts, except the cup itself, can be boiled.
The cup can be sterilized by using a UV sterilizer.
Do not place the cup in a microwave as the ball contains metal.
Do not heat the bottle to more than 70°C.
Extra straw set sold separately.

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Stine Vogel Petersen
Drypfri drikkedunk

Den første drikkedunk der er 100% drypfri. Den kan rystes og vendes uden der kommer det mindste dryp