Round Pacifier (2 pcs) "Snowberry"

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Nordic sky blue
Willow green
Grey Seal

This classic round pacifier (cherry) has been redesigned in Denmark and is the preferred pacifier by several Danish hospitals.

Babies are born with a strong sucking reflex and the need to suck is completely natural. This need continues the first years, even after the baby is no longer breast- or bottle fed. The pacifier fulfills a need and soothes and provides a sense of safety.

It is preferred that the baby suck on a pacifier rather than on their thumb as the pressure from the thumb is harder and more persistent. Also, a pacifier can later be removed from the baby, the thumb is a bit harder to remove from the baby.

This round retro pacifier is available in a total of 6 different colours (Snowberry, Rose, Nordic Blue Sky, Willow green, Heath flower, Grey seal) and comes in two sizes (0m+ og 6m+).

This pacifier is available in medical silicone or latex. The choice between a latex or silicone pacifier comes down to personal preference and what works best for your baby. Some babies may prefer the softer feel of latex, while others may be more comfortable with the sturdier, more durable silicone.

Complies with EN 1400

Shield: Polypropylene (PP)
Nipple: Latex / Medical silicone